Loving being down at Cradle Mountain. Lots of ideas coming from this Residency. Some should be

String of Waterholes Earrings

String of Waterholes Earrings

Original design by Suzette Watkins.

Waterholes within a charcoal landscape after fire. Sterling silver and onyx.

Australia, Northern Territory.

Sterling silver, Onyx.

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One of the very few occasions when we were caught out without a camera. This was before the days of cameras in mobile phones. We were up on higher ground in Kakadu National Park and could see the waterholes scattered through savannah lands after a controlled burn. The indigenous people of the area do this as part of their land management. Onyx for the burnt areas and sterling silver for the pools reflecting the late afternoon sun. 

NOTE: These earrings are a non-identical pair 

As I didn't have a camera with me, there is no photo with this piece.