Back to Yulara as Artist in Residence

In September this year we will be heading back to Yulara again as Artist in Residence at the Ayers Rock Resort. We took a break in 2018, after nine years as Artist in Residence, usually working there for between four and ten weeks each year.


Our time at Yulara/Ayers Rock resort is pretty full on, with Suzette starting at 8.30 am, talking to customers as they leave for the day's activities. Suzette and Mike share the day, working between both Mingkiri Gallery at Desert Gardens Hotel and Mulgara Gallery at Sails in the Desert.

Our work is on display throughout the night as well and we are often greeted in the morning by departing guests keen to have a closer look at something before catching the bus to the airport.  Mornings are our busiest time. 



In the Mingkiri space Suzette has a cut-down version of her silversmithing studio, making custom orders or developing new work. This is where people discuss their requests for a bespoke piece, or sit with me while I make a leaf brooch or pendant for them.

Mike's large-format art photos decorate the walls and provide endless talking points with customers.  He often has guests accompanying  him on his trips to Uluru and surrounds or Kata Tjuta.  It's a very exciting time!  All of Mike's photos on display are for sale as well as a portfolio of other work..