Materials and ethics

Materials and ethics

We believe that what we do should not only look good, but be ethical as well.  To that end we make every effort ensure that we comply with Indigenous protocols and respect Indigenous rights when taking photographs and telling stories or interpreting places in jewellery.

All the silver and gold used in the jewellery is recycled and bought from reputable businesses.  Our own scrap metals are sent for recycling and re-using.

The stones we use, so far as we can ascertain, are conflict free and ethically sourced. We buy our stones as close to the source as we can and spend time with our cutters in various countries to get exactly the stones and cuts that we want, choosing parcels of stone, then overseeing the cutting and polishing.

All our packaging is cardboard and paper and is recyclable.

We re-purpose, re-use, recycle and renew whenever we can to keep our footprint as small as practicable.