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About Us


About Our Work

Australian Landscape Jewellery is the distinctive vision of two Australian artists: jeweller Suzette Watkins and photographer Mike Fewster.

From their home base in Adelaide they travel throughout Australia, interpreting its unique landscape from sweeping vistas to intricate details in unique pairings of jewellery and photography.

Each gift-boxed piece of jewellery includes Mike's photo of that place. 

In Alice Springs, Central Australia, Suzette was the Director of the Alice Springs Arts Precinct and Mike was a secondary school teacher. Retirement loomed. 

In her rare spare time, Suzette made jewellery pieces as gifts for friends, while observing the colours of the MacDonnell Ranges. Mike had been an avid photographer since teenage years. He added a photo of the scenes Suzette had been looking at when she made the pieces. The idea for Australian Landscape Jewellery was born.

When we returned to Adelaide after seven years in the Centre, Suzette went back to college and became a qualified silversmith. Mike had the excuse he always wanted to upgrade his camera gear

Now we hunt for landscape sites that stir our joint creative instincts. Each piece of jewellery is an impression of a place or feature from a landscape. Colours, shapes, textures, changing light, whatever. Our responses differ with different scenes. Sunrise has become our favourite time of day.

Sometimes different versions of a place are recorded in different lights or seasons. It feeds both of our passions and we have a lot of fun.  

To keep our vision fresh, we travel almost every year, camping in out-of the way spots as well as more travelled areas. The immense distances and never-ending landscape are part of the fascination.  


Light is what Mike captures in his deeply evocative photographs, interpreting the land in all its guises.

Suzette’s jewellery is a visceral response to that landscape, the colours and the light, bringing the same view into an entirely new focus. Today our work reflects locations from all over Australia but the focal point remains the Red Centre to which we return again and again.

While we have a passion for Central Australia and its people, we are also inspired by some overseas locations. Explore the Elsewhere category. 


Suzette has created a number of collections which showcase a specific aspect of our work: Outback, The Sea, Urban, Elsewhere, Special Editions, Commissions etc. Her jewellery is sold in fine craft galleries, Museums and shops across Australia.

Commissions: We are finding that an increasing number of customers also like to become involved with what we do. If you have a special place, talk to us about it and we can work with you to realize that place in jewellery.                                     

About The Artists

Suzette Watkins swapped her arts management job in Alice Springs for a jewellers’ bench in Adelaide in 2006. At 56 she returned to college to retrain as a silversmith, bringing a new focus to the jewellery she has been creating since 2003. A keen eye for colour and an ongoing involvement with Indigenous art led to her engagement with jewellery and design.

Her jewellery interprets the Australian landscape in a bold abstract context, with an emphasis on colour, shape, texture and light. Suzette’s work includes commissioned work, exclusive and limited designs as well as uniquely available pieces.                          



Mike Fewster was a teacher in Victoria for most of his life He specialised in working with students and families from the streets of inner-urban Melbourne and non-English speaking backgrounds. In Alice Springs he taught at the Correctional Centre working mainly with traditional indigenous men. His passion for photography goes back to his teens.

We are now based in Adelaide, but the bush remains an enduring love. Together we have created “Australian Landscape Jewellery”, photographing the land and interpreting those places in jewellery.




Hayley Coates, a talented young designer and silversmith, has also joined the team and you will find her work and name in pieces like Remember Me, Storm Over Uluru, Boronia and the Wattle series.

Over the last few years she has also been working with Suzette Watkins’ Australian Landscape Jewellery as an Associate, designing into our range as well as continuing with her own vision, designing her own jewellery range.