Look inside the Studio: Video

A few months ago our dear friend Barry Skipsey, a singer/songwriter extraordinaire and exceptional outback photographer (check him out) stayed with us for a few days and decided that what we do was worthy of a short video.

So for a couple of days Barry followed me and Mike about as we did what we usually do, making jewellery and creating the cards from Mike's photos.  As you can see from the video, we didn't flash up! This is how we are, in the studio and in the office.

I'm making a new necklace Mintaro Slate and figuring out how to do it as I go.  You can see my workings in my journal, and it shows me cutting, soldering, filing etc as I put this one together.

At the end of the video I hold up another necklace to show Barry what a finished necklace looks like


The song you hear throughout the video is one of Barry's The End of the Bitumen, sung by Shauna Hartig. You can also find a version on YouTube by Slim Dusty.