Mike's Fine Art Prints

It's taken us some time, but we have finally managed to add Mike's Fine Art prints to our website. To see all of Mike's photographic prints for sale, visit his Gallery here.

For further information and details of prices and sizes etc, go to the Fine Art Prints page of our website.

Mike has been taking photos virtually all his life and has a passion for the landscape in Australia - especially the vast outback. 

We travel to some place in Australia virtually every year, and each year some new, or well known and much-loved area takes his focus.  The result is a collection of photos from around Australia which throw a different light on these areas.


 We have a huge amount of fun on these trips.  We tend to be early risers, as the best light for photography is often dawn and dusk. We both enjoy walking and scrambling over rough terrain to get to that one spot that shows something a bit different.

We have been artist in residence at Yulara nearly every year since 2009 (sometimes twice in one year) so a large amount of Mike's photos are of Central Australia.  We have been lucky enough to see Uluru in nearly all its guises - rain, dry, storm, dust and it's perfect every time.

Sometimes we travel with friends and sometimes by ourselves. Camping out either in swags or tents, or with the camper/trailer is (nearly) always a joy. We always sleep well in the bush and wake at first light to see what the breaking light has to offer.

We are still deciding where our trip will be this year. No doubt we'll keep you posted and update with photos as we go.

For further information and details of prices and sizes etc, go to the Fine Art Prints page of our website.