Off The Beaten Track

We have a window Exhibition in T'Arts Gallery (Gay's Arcade, Adelaide) from 28 February. Several of Mike's photos will be hung or shown and a bunch of new work from me, featuring my new obsessions: vitreous enamel and keum boo. Here's what we had to say about 'Off the Beaten Track'.

 "Sometimes we try new paths. I’ve been experimenting with different ways of making and embellishing jewellery.  So when looking for a theme for this exhibition, this just suggested itself.

 Off the Beaten Track

These new approaches have seen me exploring enamels on silver and copper over the last couple of years.  I find enamels often lend themselves to a more pictorial style.  In some pieces I have not covered the entire surface of the metal with enamel, choosing to leave bare metal as part of the picture.


Kakadu Escarpment

 The ancient Korean art of keum-boo bonds 24kt gold to sterling silver and opens up a new range in both design and execution. The technique is not complex, but relies on everything being at the right temperature, and the vagaries of small pieces of flimsy gold foil.


Desert Grasses

This exhibition of jewellery and photography inspired by place is ‘off the beaten track’ in two different ways.  The places we visit in this journey are generally roads less travelled – locations that are sometimes difficult to get to or are far away.

Mike’s photos don’t always show the view that is expected. He might photograph a detail, an unusual angle or something only he has noticed.


Beneath Derby Jetty

We travel around Australia taking photos, sketching, taking notes and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  It can take months or sometimes years to bring out a piece of jewellery from the myriad places we’ve visited.  The photos and jewellery shown here are from various trips in taken since 2009 and drawing on our experiences while living in Alice Springs.


Off The Beaten Track is a celebration of doing things differently from the way we’ve always done them."