We are heading off to get warm

With just two weeks to go before we leave, I'm sitting here on the 4th of July shivering. Adelaide in winter is lovely, but I can't help dreaming about warmer places. 

Like Katherine, Kakadu and Darwin, where we will spend the next month, followed by a couple of weeks holiday in Bali.  Then it's off to Yulara/Ayers Rock Resort for a month as Artist in Residence.

Kakadu etc is somewhere we've been wanting to revisit for some time.  It's probably 35 years since we were last there, and Mike is hoping for some wonderful photos of this magnificent World Heritage National Park.

Then with any luck, I'll be looking to turn some of these places into jewellery. 

I'll try to keep a bit of a record of where we are and what we've been up to and post on an occasional basis.

so if you need any jewellery before September, it might be an idea to get it now, in the next week, before everything is packed up and put away to come with us on our adventures.