So Much New Work

New Work

These are not yet on the website, as they are being held for showing at the Tasmanian Craft Fair in late October.  If they don’t sell there, they will be put up for sale on our website’s New Work page.  For more of my new(ish) work, visit the New Work page on our website

Purple Fungus pendant:  I’m going to have to find a new name for this one!  We were walking along the Enchanted Walk at Cradle Mountain when I saw these small mauve fungi on a tree right in front of me.  They are quite small – most are only a couple of millimetres in diameter.  I’m pretty sure the name of this fungus is Ascocoryne sarcoides

Sterling silver and Amethyst pendant, based on a small fungus found in the Enchanted Walk at Cradle Mountain Tasmania  A small purple fungus found in the Enchanted Walk at Cradle Mountain Tasmania - the basis of a sterling silve and amethyst pendant

Coin Spot Lichen Necklace: This necklace probably completes the Coin Spot Lichen series


Liffey Falls: Liffey Falls near Deloraine has an unusual cascading structure. It took me ages to get the ridges right. The stones are Killiekrankie ‘diamonds’ (actually a topaz found on Flinders Island in the Bass Strait).