The ups and downs of our travel

They say what goes up must come down.  It certainly does!  In the last five weeks or so since we left Adelaide for warmer climates, I have lost track of the things we’ve climbed.

For starters the climb up to the top of Gunlom Falls in the southern end of Kakadu. It was graded a ‘2km return steep climb’ to a natural infinity pool.  It was steep.  There were bits where you had to scramble over rocks while climbing up an almost vertical track. But the pool? The pool was magnificent.

There was of course the return journey to negotiate. Some places I slid on my backside (so elegant!), but we got to the bottom OK.

A few days later we were off to Nourlangie (aka Burrungkuy) and another steep climb up to the lookout  That’s it, in the distance from a beautiful, crocodile infested billabong. Aboriginal art was everywhere as we walked to the climb.

Then it was Ubirr and up to the top for sunset, with several fabulous Aboriginal art sites on the way.  Of course to best view was from the top of the escarpment. That meant going up again. And down. But both the art and the view were sensational.

 After a couple of weeks in Kakadu (I’ll post other blogs about crocodiles and other scenery) we headed to Bali for a rest. Rest? Of course we climbed a volcano in East Java. But I digress.

We returned to Darwin and after a fabulous wedding there, we headed back down the track to Nitmuluk (Katherine Gorge region) to climb around the back of Edith Falls. Only 2.6 km, but they forgot to tell me about how much climbing there would be. The view at the top of the falls and from the two lookouts was just brilliant. The pool at the top makes great swimming too.


So finally it was the Katherine Gorge lookout.  Just 1km they said. Again, the neglected to explain that it was mostly straight up the escarpment. Sure there were steps, but with the temperature at about 33 degrees it was tough going, but the view down the gorge was pretty spectacular.


 I’ve just scratched the surface of the Kakadu trip, and I really want to tell you about the volcano in Indonesia.  And the mosquitos and crocodiles! Next time perhaps