Travel Photography Tips with Mike: #3

Travel Photography Tips with Mike: #3

Small details.

I’m always looking for small details when travelling and I collect lots of shots like these. They aren’t always great shots but they try to pick up on the small whimsical details rather than the big picture. What you get will depend on what appeals to your own personality. Often I find they tell more about places than the standard shots of the same tourist sights we all take.

If you have shots of details you would like to share, email them to us and we will look at putting them into the next newsletter.


1.     Broom Handles. Burano. Italy

Broom handles in Burano, Italy by Mike Fewster

2.     A handrail designed to be cool using running water. Alhambra.

Handrail in the Alhambra complex, Granada Spain, taken by Mike Fewster.

3.     Van Gogh. Self portrait. I wanted details of the brush strokes.

Eye of Vincent van Gough in detail, taken by Mike Fewster.

4.     Birdsville/Simpson Desert Challenge.

Photo of flies on a red T-shirt, Simpson Desert Cycle Challenge, taken by Mike Fewster.

5.     A strange marking on a tennis court. Clue. These tennis courts are in Greenwich, London.

Strange markings on a tennis court in Greenwich, England, taken by Mike Fewster.

6.     An unexpected souvenir of Granada.

Photo of Australian indigenous artwork on boomerangs in Granada, Spain: taken by Mike Fewster.

7.     Doorway. Siorac en Perigord, Dordogne, France.

Ivy-covered doorway in Siorac en Perigord, Dordogne, France: taken by Mike Fewster.