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Wattle Pendant
Wattle Pendant
Wattle Pendant
Wattle Pendant

Wattle Pendant

Original design by Hayley Coates.

The rare red variety of Australia's national flower. Created in tiny red glass beads hand linked into each flower and mounted on patinated sterling silver.

Australia, Australian Capital Territory.

Glass beads, Sterling silver.

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Acacia Leprosa - Red Wattle - is a natural mutation of a more common wattle. It was discovered by bushwalkers in Victoria, who gathered specimens for identification. Growing from seed produced only yellow wattle, so more plants were developed by cloning. There is a thriving collection of them in Canberra. Each flower is created by assembling 64 minute red glass beads into each ball and securing them with patinated sterling silver spikes to a patinated sterling silver tube. Designed and made by Hayley Coates for Australian Landscape Jewellery.

Also available in yellow and gold (24ct gold plated glass beads)

Available in two lengths

  • 40cm (16")
  • 46cm (18")

Presentation boxed with the photograph of the flower.

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