Pendant in sterling silver, reflecting Tasmanian flora, fungi and kelp. Made by Adelaide silversmith Suzette Watkins
Giant Kelp Pendant
Giant Kelp Pendant
Giant Kelp Pendant

Giant Kelp Pendant

Original design by Suzette Watkins.

Ribbons of giant kelp wash up on the shores of Southern Australia.

South-East Tasmania, Tasmania.

Sterling silver.

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Giant Kelp (macrocystis angustifolia) is found in cooler ocean waters and vast forests of this seaweed are found just beyond the shoreline at a number of coastal locations in Tasmania – Bruny Island, Maria Island, the Tasman Peninsula, Binalong, Freycinet, Eaglehawk Neck and Fortescue Bay – and, despite their sheer magnificence, remain one of the lesser-known natural wonders of Tasmania.

The pattern of the holes provided the jumping-off point for pendant.

Sterling silver

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