Necklace in sterling silver, reflecting Tasmanian flora, fungi and kelp. Made by Adelaide silversmith Suzette Watkins
Tasmanian Waratah Necklace

Tasmanian Waratah Necklace

Original design by Suzette Watkins.

Spectacular flower of the Tasmanian Waratah

North West Tasmania, Tasmania.

Sterling silver.

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The Tasmanian Waratah (telopea truncata) is found in coastal areas and dense forests of Tasmania's north west.  Vivid bursts of springtime colour against the dark green leaves, it has a very spectacular flower, which appears to change form as the season progresses.  There are telopeas elsewhere in Australia, but this one is unique to Tasmania.

Necklace is approximately 45 cm long

Presentation boxed with the photograph of the inspiration.  

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