Necklace in sterling silver, carnelian and citrine reflecting Tasmanian flora, fungi and kelp. Made by Adelaide silversmith Suzette Watkins
Tasman's Fires Necklace
Tasman's Fires Necklace

Tasman's Fires Necklace

Original design by Suzette Watkins.

Granite and orange lichens edge Tasmania's spectacular beaches.


Carnelian, Citrine, Coral, Jasper, Sterling silver.

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The early explorers of Tasmania's coast saw the brilliant orange lichen covering the rocks along the east coast and thought it resembled fires. Modern day travellers are still intrigued by the orange covering on the granite rocks, captured here in grey jaspers, coral, carnelian and citrine, with sterling silver shells.

Presentation boxed with the photograph of the inspiration.

Length: 45cm

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